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Welcome to the new Feather Craft website. The website has undergone several new modifications to allow for future growth... If you are new to the website then check it out, I hope that it provides you with the information you are looking for... If you are a regular visitor you will also find new features...
This website is not affiliated with Feather Craft Boats. This website is a tribute to the fine aluminum boats made by the Feather Craft Boat Company between 1946 and 1969.
This website is also dedicated to all the people who have worked at Feather Craft Boats and to the many people that have contributed to the information provided on this website.

Rivetpalooza Challenge Coins

Thank you to everybody who purchased the challenge coins, I was able to make a small donation to Russ and Kathy to help cover some of their expenses. Razor and Dana kicked in a little extra to help.

I have about 30 coins left if anybody is still interested in getting one. You can contact me or you can go to the "Store" menu selection and select Rivetpalooza Challenge coin.  I have the shopping cart set up to process orders via PayPal and to ship via USPS.

Make sure you select USPS as the shipping means.

I will try and turn the orders around in as soon as I get them in.




Visit the newly updated www.feathercraft.net-store. Check below banner for promo codes to save money on future purchases.


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Lake Norman, Sherrills Ford, North Carolina

The most fun you will have all summer...

Big Texas Round Up

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Lake Callendar, Murchison, Texas

The most fun you will have all summer...

Louisville Meet

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Louisville, Tennessee

The second most fun you will have all summer...

Logos of Feather Craft

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Logos of Feather Craft

Feather Craft Boat Company has used several variations of the "feather" logo...

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